Emax RS1106 6000KV Racing Edition Brushess Motor for FPV Racing

Emax RS1106 6000KV Racing Edition Brushess Motor for FPV Racing



1x RS1106 motor


Legendary RS power for micro FPV racing quadcopters available in 7500, 6000 and 4500 KV

The new RS1106 brushless motor line sets a new standard in performance for the 2” propeller class. With
3 KV choices each optimized for 2s, 3s and even 4s batteries for insane speed in tiny package.
The RS1106 has 6mm tall stator to provide the instantaneous torque that is usually lacking in high KV1104 motors. The RS1106 is also one of the only micro brushless motors with active cooling fins integrated into the bell to keep magnets cooler so the power is consistent lap after lap.

For micro builds it’s important to have as little mechanical vibration to get the best performance from your flight controller. To ensure smoothness each motor is precision CNC, uses premium ball bearings and comes factory balanced.

The bell housing has two sizes of hole spacing to fit the EMAX 2345 Tri-Blade and M2 x 5mm that works with a wide range of other 2” class propellers. Two lengths  of mounting screws are included for so it will fit a wide range of frame styles.

RS1106 6000KV is a versatile upgrade motor for 2s-3s and well suited for those wishing to spin heavier 4
blade or 5 blade propellers.

Brand name: EMAX
Item model: RS1106 
KV: 6000KV
Weight: 7g (w/ O silicone wire)
Propeller: 2''-3'' 

Test data

-Most powerful micro motors for 2''to 3'' propellers
-RS exclusive ''Cooling'' design on a micro sized motor
-3 KV options 4500KV, 6000KV, 7500KV
-Prop bolt pattern for Emax 2345 M2 x 9mm and M2 x 5mm Propellers
-High Quality NSK bearings for long lasting smoothness
-Strong N52SH Magnets
-Factory Balanced Precision CNC Motor Bells